Podcasts, fiction and future things maybe??

Haha dang it's been a while huh, I should probably check in since there's been news. Podcasts Okay so this is a deeply late announcement, and I am deeply sorry to the three people who sometimes come on here of their own volition for not blogging about it sooner, but I recently (ish?) auditioned for… Continue reading Podcasts, fiction and future things maybe??

City of Remembrance: Prostheses in Rokugan

Last year, a diverse group of L5R fans put together the City of Remembrance fanzine, which is full of fiction, art, campaign ideas and homebrew schools and clans. It also has a list of prostheses in it, because of course I was going to submit something like that. I figure since it's been a while… Continue reading City of Remembrance: Prostheses in Rokugan

Roleplaying with Disabled Characters

Hello! It's me again, back with another how-to guide, this time aimed at players in games with other characters who have disabilities. Because sure, I've gone over how to play a disabled character, but I haven't touched how your abled character should behave around them. If I'm honest, this is because I hadn't even considered… Continue reading Roleplaying with Disabled Characters